We, at Trillium, believe that a child's education does not begin and end in the classroom. We have taken Montessori education to the next level by building a network of resources to recruit the most qualified personnel as well as to provide necessary support to parents, whom we believe are the children's first and lifelong educators.

Everyone involved with Trillium is part of the Trillium Society. This includes students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff. Our teachers have either earned a Montessori diploma from Modern Montessori International, or attend ongoing, on-the-job training from a certified Montessori expert. Staff members also undergo 120 hours of intensive training in both our academic curriculum and our approach to discipline.

In order to achieve and maintain our elite status within the education community, we have also partnered with several leading Montessori organizations and created our own vehicles for implementing our high standards. Our campus houses Cairo's first International Montessori Foundation (IMF) office. The IMF, a franchise of Modern Montessori International in London, trains and certifies candidates year-round, ensuring that uniform and up-to-date methods are employed throughout. We also feature our very own Positive Parenting institute, the sole affiliate of the Positive Discipline Association (PDA) in the Middle East, where parents are empowered with the tools needed to best implement our disciplinary methods and encourage positive and respectful relationships between children and parents. PDA is a leading American organization with over 25 years of experience in classroom management and disciplinary methods both in the U.S. and around the world.