We belive that the sky is the limit when it comes to your child. We celebrate their creativity. We nurture their curiosity. We promote their independence. They are respected and loved, dearly.

The preschool phase is just the beginning. Normally, habits learned early on stay for a lifetime. Once your child moves on to the "big-kid" schools, the Montessori student is ready to face what lies ahead with necessary skills such as; concentration, self-discipline, thirst for learning, and social skills that make adjusting much easier. The learning period never stops, and we make sure your child is eager to do so.

Our Philosophy

We are a Montessori preschool, but what exactly is the Montessori Method?

This ground-breaking approach, founded in the early 20th century by Dr. Maria Montessori, is more than a curriculum. It is a philosophy. It encourages free activity within a social environment that allows each child to develop their independence, and also the speed at which they learn. We are thrilled to be a part of this worldwide educational revolution by offering the Montessori experience right here in Cairo.

Your child is unique, and the Montessori method revolves around that very concept. It focuses on the whole child by empowering each student to drive their own learning pace. Their abilities, not their limitations, are celebrated and promoted. This is possible, in part, thanks to our ideal adult-child ratio, with a team of 4 highly-trained pros assigned to no more than 24 students.

The Montessori approach encourages children to develop their desire to learn. We neither punish nor reward. Learning is its own goal. Kids are naturally curious and creative, and our curriculum is designed to nurture these traits. Our supportive and caring team of educators will work with your child on key educational subjects such as math, languages, art, culture, sensory activities, and self-care. The child sets the pace; the teacher follows their lead.

Our Methodology

Trillium's modern and comprehensive approach to education is based, first and foremost, on personalized education. Daily, weekly, and monthly goals are set with the children, resulting in an individualized educational plan. We provide personalized assessments of each child to identify and address any emerging issues. Their academic, developmental, social, and emotional progress is constantly monitored and shared with parents throughout the year.

Activities are conducted individually as well as in small teaching groups, covering all four areas of child development—physical, cognitive, emotional, and linguistic—and are offered in both Arabic and English. Our classrooms are equipped with carefully selected Montessori materials designed to enable students to become active participants in their own learning process, and our well-prepared environment provides students with all the tools they need to complete daily tasks and goals. Our campus includes a gym, outdoor playing areas, and gardening plots designed to bring the children closer to nature as they set their curiosity free to explore their world.


The Montessori model views discipline as a means of guiding and teaching rather than exercising control over the child. We utilize the positive discipline approach, where there are no bad children, but rather bad actions. Our classroom environments are positive, accepting and encouraging on all levels, and all Trillium teachers and staff are trained in this approach.

Trillium’s curriculum and teacher-child interaction support each child’s development of the four Rs:
Respect: including respect for self, others, materials, and environment.
Responsibility: reflected through choices, actions, daily care of the environment and initiation of ideas.
Responsiveness: embraces children as contributors, thinkers, participators, and caring friends.
Resourcefulness: includes learning to be creative and inventive, to be problem solvers and to use skills effectively.

Teachers encourage children to use words to express feelings and resolve conflicts. To reach this goal, they calmly communicate with the students at eye-level. Firm but respectful intervention is employed if a situation escalates. Our ultimate goal is to develop self-discipline and self-motivation as the drivers of good behavior and positive attitudes, rather than through fear or outside motivators.

Physical rewards such as stickers or treats are not used, and we do not employ time-outs or punishments. The Montessori method revolves around the notion that rewards and punishments prevent children from developing decision-making skills, and they do not foster the child's sense of responsibility for their own actions. Our goal is to teach students how to analyse a situation, make the appropriate decision, learn from any mistakes, and experience resulting consequences.

We believe that the sky's the limit when it comes to your child. We celebrate their creativity. We nurture their curiosity. We promote their independence. They are one-of-a-kind. They are respected. They are loved.

Preschool is just the beginning. And we all know that habits learned as small kids stay with us for a lifetime. Once they move on to "big-kid" schools, Montessori students are ready to face what is ahead with skills like concentration, self-discipline, a love of learning, and social skills that make adjusting much easier. Learning never stops, and they are eager to do so.