On your mark! Get set! Trillium!

It is like leaving my daughter at home! Teachers, nannies and friends are one big, happy, and caring family!

Sarah Fahmy



We are Trillium, the Montessori house, and we aim to transform your adorable little toddler into an independent, well-rounded, critical thinker who can take on the challenges that lie ahead. Consider us the first milestone in your child's journey into education.

We are Egypt's leading organization in the field of early childhood education, and since our founding in 2011, we have become the premiere provider of Montessori schooling in the region by following our philosophy of providing an educational environment for pre-schoolers in which they can unleash their full physical, intellectual , emotional, and social potentials. The possibilities are limitless. Click here to learn more.

taking montessori to the next level


A Montessori eduaction is synonymous with personalized education. No two children are alike, and we believe their preschool experience should be as unique as they are.


Trillium is a caring, nurturing, and fun place that offers a personalized learning approach with individual attention and learning through love, the way you would do it. Our facilities are exceptionally prepared, providing a learning environment that is second to none. (Our classrooms are organized sequentially, from simple projects and tasks to more abstract concepts). We employ materials that are designed to appeal to the children's curiosity while encouraging their desire to learn as they have fun. As each child learns a single concept or skill, they progress to the next. They do so at their own pace in a stress-free environment conducive to organic learning, and not forced progression.


We, at Trillium, believe that a child's education does not begin and end in the classroom. Trillium has taken Montessori education to the next level by building a network of resources to recruit the most qualified personnel as well as to provide necessary support to parents, whom we believe are the children's first and lifelong educators.